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DOUGLAS Group tests AI-powered Beauty Advisor Chatbot developed with Google Cloud

Artificial Intelligence 06/05/2024

  • Early testing of its AI-powered Beauty Advisor Chatbot as latest innovation in DOUGLAS Group’s strategy to elevate omnichannel shopping experience and extend its wide AI technology portfolio; chatbot currently in internal testing
  • Development with Google Cloud‘s latest generative AI models
  • AI Beauty Advisor Chatbot POC offering tailored product recommendations & beauty advice
  • Philipp Andrée, Chief Commercial Officer of the DOUGLAS Group, said: “Our collaboration with Google Cloud and the early testing of an AI Beauty Advisor Chatbot are a testament to our commitment to innovation and always staying on the cutting edge to improve the customer experience.”

Düsseldorf, 5 June, 2024 – The DOUGLAS Group, Europe’s number one omnichannel destination for premium beauty, is testing its AI Beauty Advisor Chatbot as the latest innovation in its strategy to elevate the omnichannel customer experience as the company continues to expand its wide AI technology portfolio. Leveraging Google Cloud’s advanced AI technology, the chatbot POC is designed to assist and inspire customers with personalized product recommendations, beauty advice and routine ideas, and gift shopping guidance based on individual preferences and dynamic conversations. During the early testing, the chatbot is available for DOUGLAS Group employees only. Whether it will ultimately be rolled out for customers depends largely on the results of the current test phase.

Pioneering customer experience and operations with AI

The DOUGLAS Group continuously develops and tests new ideas and solutions to elevate the experience for customers – online and offline. In the past, the company has introduced several digital innovations in its stores and apps, including a skin analysis tool allowing customers to determine their skin type, a Fragrance Finder helping users to discover the perfect perfume, and the Beauty Mirror which utilizes augmented reality to enable customers to virtually test various cosmetics.

Beyond these frontend tools, the Group also further leverages AI across large parts of its organization such as pricing, demand forecasting & replenishment as well as marketing, e.g. by utilizing generative AI to accelerate the creation of text and images and to optimize budget allocation.

Integration of beauty profile for personalized shopping advice

The new AI Beauty Advisor Chatbot POC is the latest example of the Group’s commitment to innovation. It leverages Google Cloud’s advanced technology to navigate the DOUGLAS Group’s extensive online product assortment. By understanding and predicting customer preferences, the chatbot enhances the shopping experience, making it more intuitive, enjoyable, and efficient. The chatbot is designed to, when logged in, integrate the data of a customer’s beauty profile – such as product preferences and information from the skin type analysis – to deliver a highly personalized experience.

For example, if asked, “Can you recommend a moisturizing serum suited for dry skin?”, the chatbot can provide specific and customized product recommendations from the wide range of DOUGLAS Group products, taking into account product data like ingredients, brands, price, and personal preferences.

AI to transform interaction between customers and brands

Philipp Andrée, Chief Commercial Officer of the DOUGLAS Group, said: “Our collaboration with Google Cloud and the early testing of an AI Beauty Advisor Chatbot are a testament to our commitment to innovation and always staying on the cutting edge to improve the customer experience. In today's fast-paced world, customers seek hyper-personalized shopping and inspiration, and with innovations such as an AI Beauty Advisor Chatbot we are always working towards meeting these needs. Collaborating with Google Cloud, a leader in AI technology, allows us to leverage their expertise to constantly experiment with new services and offerings for an unparalleled omnichannel beauty shopping experience.”

Bernd Wagner, Managing Director of Google Cloud, Germany, said: “Our collaboration with the DOUGLAS Group marks a significant step in bringing advanced AI solutions to the retail industry. The AI Beauty Advisor Chatbot, developed in collaboration with Google Cloud, showcases the potential of technology to transform the way consumers interact with brands and products - factors critical to a company’s future success."

Currently in early testing, the chatbot is being fine-tuned based on internal feedback to ensure it meets the highest standards of performance and reliability prior to a potential rollout for customers.

About the DOUGLAS Group

The DOUGLAS Group, with its commercial brands DOUGLAS, NOCIBÉ, Parfumdreams and Niche Beauty, is the number one omnichannel premium beauty destination in Europe. The DOUGLAS Group is inspiring customers to live their own kind of beauty by offering a unique assortment online and in around 1,860 stores. With unparalleled size and access to customers, the DOUGLAS Group is the partner of choice for brands and offers a premium range of selective and exclusive brands as well as own corporate brands. The assortment includes fragrances, color cosmetics, skin care, hair care, accessories as well as beauty services. Strengthening its successful omnichannel positioning while consistently developing superior customer experience is at the heart of the DOUGLAS Group strategy “Let it Bloom – DOUGLAS 2026”. The winning business model is underpinned by the Group’s omnichannel proposition, leading brands, and data capabilities. In the financial year 2022/23, the DOUGLAS Group generated sales (net) of 4.1 billion euros and employed around 18,000 people across Europe.


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